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If you use filter sox then you need the Filter Sox Disc...

Using quality Filter Sox, also known as skimmer socks, can extend the cleaning cycle and the life of your swimming pool filter. They fit on the inside of your skimmer basket and trap debris before it gets into your filter. This means longer periods between filter cleans. The problem is, "out of sight out of mind". The pool cleaner is running around picking up all the debris.. pool looks great... so where is all the debris... choking up the sox(socks) in your skimmer basket. The only time you notice what's going on is when the pump starts making a horrible straining noise! Skimmer baskets can be high maintenance and require regular checking. As they fill with debris the water flow to the pump is dramatically reduced. If left too long they can starve your pump of water causing it to run dry. Then you're up for expensive pump repairs. There is an answer...




Using the Filter Sox Disc allows a continual flow of water as the sox fill with debris.  This can help prevent the pump from running dry and avoid expensive repairs.

The Filter Sox Disc can extend the time between sox changes, however regular checking and cleaning of the sox is required for maximum performance.





1.  Place Filter Sox Disc on top of skimmer basket.

2.  Stretch filter sox over the disc and basket rim.

3.  Align oval hole in Filter Sox Disc with vacuum plate hole and bypass to ensure valve on cover can move freely.


SKIMMER baskets come in many sizes.  That's why the Filter Sox Disc is available in four different sizes.  

Click here to find out which one suits your skimmer basket.